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Was Poland’s Smolensk plane crash a Russian assassination?

Was Poland’s Smolensk Plane Crash a Russian assassination?

Such is the provocative questioned asked by IWP international affairs student and Kosciuszko Chair research assistant, Pawel Styrna. Having traced the developments and revelations surfacing about the tragic air disaster, he argues that there is ample and disturbing evidence to suggest that the Kremlin assassinated Poland’s pro-Western, anti-communist president, Lech Kaczynski, and his entourage. The Russian government’s stonewalling and the Polish government’s passivity during the past two years certainly create an impression of foul play, which can only be dispelled by greater transparency and openness on the part of both.

The article also quotes IWP’s Prof. S. Eugene Poteat.

To read the complete article, please click here: Download file “The Smolensk Plane Crash Two Years Later: The Unraveling of a Cover-Up?” by Pawel Styrna