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Gen. Jajko comments on the Russian investigation following Smolensk

USAF Brigadier General (ret.) and IWP professor of defense studies, Gen. Walter Jajko, has been interviewed by the Polish Gazeta Polska [Polish Gazette] on Moscow’s investigation of the Smolensk Plane Crash, which killed the Polish President and his entire entourage in April 2010.

The General stated: “In the case of Smolensk we are talking about a pseudo-investigation, or rather – a cover-up – which is an insult, scandal, and crime committed with unimaginable arrogance. It is an expression of [Moscow’s] contempt for Poland’s sovereignty and independence, and a slap in the face of all of humanity.”

Accordingly, he pointed out, an assassination would not have been an unreasonable explanation. After all, assassination was a weapon used widely by the Soviet regime against its opponents – both domestic and foreign – and the communist system never shrank from resorting to mass murder. Furthermore, the current post-Soviet rulers of the Kremlin earned their stripes in the agencies of the infamous Soviet repression and espionage apparatus. To these men a pro-Western, pro-American Polish president like the late Lech Kaczyński represented an intolerable threat, stated Gen. Jajko.

Gen. Jajko’s comments added to Prof. Gene Poteat’s interview and comments in the Polish press created a national sensation and outcry against the current government.  Prof. Poteat’s comments prompted a reporter’s question of the Polish President at a press conference.  The President was embarrassed and could not give an explanation of the government’s failure. 

To read the interview with Gen. Jajko (in Polish) please click here.

Note: The opinions expressed by Gen. Jajko do not necessarily reflect the views of the US Department of Defense or the United States Government.