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Russia’s espionage offensive

Despite the end of the Cold War, post-Soviet Russia continues to view the United States as a strategic foe and a target for espionage. So argues Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz in a recently published article, posted on the Ukrainian-language site, dedicated to Intermarium issues.

His short analysis emphasizes that the successors of the KGB and GRU continue to conduct “active measures” on the global stage – particularly in post-communist countries (“the near abroad”) – and focus on obtaining new technologies. One of the factors aiding and abetting this process is the Western perception of post-Soviet Russia as a “normal state,” which serves to justify the sale of advanced military technologies (such as the French Mistral ships) to Moscow. Only America, argues Dr. Chodakiewicz, is capable of resisting this trend, but the foreign policy elites in Washington must first understand the nature of the post-Soviet threat.

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