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IWP receives gift of statue of Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan

Statue - Pope and Reagan

Ava and Adam Bąk, long-time supporters and donors of IWP and its Kościuszko Chair of Polish Studies, have facilitated the shipment of a statue of President Ronald Reagan and John Paul II to the United States. It is a smaller copy of the original monument unveiled in Gdańsk, Poland-the birthplace of the anti-communist Solidarity movement-in July 2012.

Ronald Reagan was honored by the Poles for his staunch support of the Polish struggle for freedom and independence, in which he cooperated closely with Pope John Paul II (in addition to British prime minister Margaret Thatcher). The Gdańsk statue commemorated the two leaders’ meeting in Miami in September 1987.

The statue will be presented to President Reagan’s son, Mr. Michael Reagan. Thus, Mr. and Mrs. Bąk have been part of a larger effort by IWP’s Kościuszko Chair to have the statue unveiled and to connect the Reagan family with the organizers in Poland, Solidarity’s Dignity (Godność) Foundation (President: Mr. Czesław Nowak; Vice President: Andrzej Osipów).

An identical statue was transported with great care by Mr. Witold Chodakiewicz and Mrs. Agnieszka Chodakiewicz, who presented it to Dr. John Lenczowski during IWP’s staff Christmas Party on December 19, 2012. 

Mr. Witold Chodakiewicz

Above: Mr. Witold Chodakiewicz discusses the significance of the statue at IWP. 

Pope and Reagan Statue