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Dr. Chodakiewicz comments on Ukraine for Al Jazeera

Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz was recently interviewed by Yaser Alarami of the Al Jazeera Network on the ongoing crisis in the Ukraine.

We are reproducing the text of the interview below. The Arabic translation of the interview is available on the Al Jazeera website.

1) Yaser Alarami: What is America’s actual position on what’s happening in Ukraine?

MJC:  The White House does not seem to know. It does not have a strategy. It comes across as weak and confused. The best that can be said is that the current administration would like Ukraine to stabilize but it is less than willing to commit the will, the propaganda, the resources, and, ultimately, a threat of force to help Ukraine.

2)   Is it true that Washington has deceived Russia in this crisis, and lured Moscow to the conclusion of losing its ally in Kiev?

MJC: Wow. You are giving so much credit to America. The US is usually very good at deceiving itself, and not others. Washington would have to learn from Moscow how to deceive. The Kremlin remains the master.

3)   What will be Moscow’s position after Kiev  directs towards the American European alliance?

MJC: First, there is hardly any American-European alliance left. The US President has sidelined the Transatlanticist tradition, snubbing the Brits. Instead, he has deferred to Brussels without forging any real links. NATO is a shadow of its former self. Second, the Kremlin will react angrily if it perceives Ukraine as escaping its clutches. The Kaliningrad solution for the Crimea is Moscow’s plan minimum.