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Dr. Chodakiewicz interviewed by Polonia Christiana

Dr. Marek Jan Chodakiewicz-who is currently on a lecture circuit promoting his new book in Poland-was interviewed on 3 July 2014 by the Polish web portal, Polonia Christiana (

The main subjects of the interview were the assessment of the quarter-century of post-communist “transformation” in Poland, in general, and the quality of post-communist Poland’s political class, in particular. Dr. Chodakiewicz warned against hubristic and triumphalist celebrations of the “twenty-five years of freedom,” since the political system retains many continuities which still bind it to the communist People’s Republic. One example of the rather limited nature of the “change” in the past quarter-century is, Dr. Chodakiewicz points out, the funeral of Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski, infamous for his crackdown (martial law) on the democratic opposition in 1981-1983, with full state and military honors. The nihilism and cynicism of the political establishment in Warsaw-recently highlighted by two highly embarrassing and vulgar recordings of top politicians-demonstrates just how much Sovietism remains in the country’s “post-Soviet” ruling caste.

On a positive note, Dr. Chodakiewicz emphasized that a movement for the regeneration of decent civilization is occurring in both Poland and the United States, although it may not be easy to spot at first. He is much more concerned about the future of Western Europe, which continues to view modernity and religion as two radically opposed and irreconcilable forces.

The full (Polish) text of the interview with Dr. Chodakiewicz is available here.