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Center for Intermarium Studies project on John Paul II receives positive review

Wind from Heaven: John Paul II: The Poet Who Became PopeMonika Jablonska’s new book, Wind From Heaven: John Paul II-The Poet Who Became Pope — a project of IWP’s Center for Intermarium Studies and Kosciuszko Chair of Polish Studies — has received acclaim in a new review for the National Catholic Register.

The reviewer, Mr. John Grondelski, emphasizes that Karol Wojtyla wrote prolifically in his early years, producing a voluminous literary collection. Furthermore, he notes, these early works can confound the amateur eye, as the future Pope’s “subjects and genres were — like him — not well understood because he was so ahead of his time.”

He notes that Ms. Jablonska adroitly overcomes these hurdles as she thoughtfully approaches Karol Wojtyla’s poetry and drama. Striking a careful balance, Ms. Jablonska captures the heart of Karol Wojtyla’s works while avoiding both superficial skimming and an exhaustive, in depth investigation.

Mr. Grondelski also expresses his appreciation for Ms. Jablonska’s attention to Karol Wojtyla’s historical environment — whether the influence of Polish history and literature or his personal relationship with Ronald Reagan. Indisputably, Ms. Jablonska has artfully crafted a book that enables all readers to better understand Karol Wojtyla — the poet who became Pope.

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