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Marek Chodakiewicz delivers keynote address at conference of Polish museums

October 4-8, 2017, New York — Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz attended the 39th Session of the permanent Conference of Polish museums, archives and libraries in the West — a valuable collection of the vibrant Polish émigré community.

In recognition of Dr. Chodakiewicz’s prominence as a historian of Poland and the Intermarium, the conference organizers invited him to deliver the keynote address. At the Polish Consulate General in New York, Dr. Chodakiewicz delivered a presentation on the politics of memory and how the choices we make affect which particular shards of the past we preserve. This lesson remains crucial within the context of the Polonian continuity, for Poles living abroad will grapple with poignant choices about preserving their history, just as their fathers and mothers did before them.