Advance your career and the world.

Learn from scholar practitioners at the only graduate school of national security and international affairs where you will be exposed to all the arts of statecraft.  Under the guidance of seasoned professionals from the State Department, Department of Defense, National Security Council, CIA, FBI, and other services, you will be challenged to think efficiently about how you can positively affect the future of our nation and our world. 


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Master's Degree Programs

These are professional degrees designed for students who intend to pursue a career in the intelligence, national security, or international affairs fields. 

The Institute's curriculum has six major components, including the study of: the various elements of statecraft, history and culture, American political philosophy, the Western moral tradition, economics, and moral leadership. Read more

Executive Master of Arts in National Security Affairs

This program provides a comprehensive study of the development and implementation of national security policy, to include its intellectual and ideological dimensions, e.g., the battle of ideas. This program also equips the student with powerful tools and knowledge to advance their careers and enhance the formulation of American national security policy.

Master of Arts in Statecraft and International Affairs

The M.A. in Statecraft and International Affairs is designed for students who wish to focus on a broad understanding of the current world order, its history and trends, the theoretical and policy issues affected by international politics and culture, and the ideas and values that influence the behavior of state and non-state actors.

Master of Arts in Statecraft and National Security Affairs

This degree is designed for students currently in the intelligence or national security communities or for those who wish to enter one of these career fields.  It provides a comprehensive study of the theory and practice of intelligence and national security policy, process, and implementation, both in historical and contemporary perspectives.

Master of Arts in Strategic and International Studies (Professional)

This degree provides a comprehensive study of the theory and practice of international relations, including both historical and contemporary perspectives. Students enrolled in his program will study all of the elements of statecraft with the objective of integrating these into an overall national strategy.

Master of Arts in Strategic Intelligence Studies

This degree is designed for students who seek careers in the intelligence field, as well as professionals whose agencies or clientele are charged with the acquisition and interpretation of intelligence. It features courses in fundamental intelligence disciplines, such as analysis and epistemology, intelligence collection, and deception. The program equips the student with all of the requisite tools and knowledge, required and anticipated, that are necessary for professional success in the field.