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One of the most important things to consider in using someone else’s work is its copyright status. To help the user determine if something is covered, Laura Gasaway has prepared “When Works Pass into the Public Domain,” a helpful table that simplifies the issue of when a copyrighted work is no longer covered by copyright restrictions based on its date of publication.

 The following document consists sections on university copyright resources and on non-university intellectual property resources. The initial links will take you directly to the listed site. This page incorporates work by Eileen Gifford and Janet Erickson, updating the work of Ann Okerson. Eileen Gifford and Janet Erickson, at the time this work was done, were graduate students in the School of Information & Library Studies, U of Michigan and did this work as part of their coursework for ILS Copyright for the Information Professional, taught by Ann Okerson, Associate University Librarian, Yale University.)

 A better option would be to go to the sites through our annotated lists as the information is sometimes difficult to find. The annotated lists make it easier to locate the information pertinent to your needs.

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There are some additional resources added at the end of this document. These include a description of the process of preparing this page and the annotations, as well as five messages sent to the ILS 604 class in Fall 1995 regarding current issues of copyright.