Library and Web Resources

Bare Bones 101 A basic tutorial on searching the web produced by librarians at the University of South Carolina.

Other Internet Tutorials Links to a variety of instructional sites.

TILT “is a Web-based site created by the University of Texas to support information literacy and fundamental research skills. The site emphasizes selecting appropriate resources, searching library databases and the Internet, and evaluating and citing information. Each module takes less than 30 minutes to complete and is open to the general Internet public. For further information see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

The Virtual Training Suite

What it is and what it does

“The Virtual Training Suite is a set of 61 online subject-specific tutorials in Internet information skills. Whether you are a student, lecturer or researcher, and whether you are newcomer or experienced Internet user, these tutorials will help you get the most out of your Internet time.

The Internet is frequently an invaluable tool for learning, teaching and research and can be expected to become more so as it develops. However, making best use of it presents a whole new set of problems, some of which concern the quality of the information provided and some of which concern the technology itself.

These tutorials will guide you around these frustrating pitfalls and towards sites that are relevant and helpful for your own work.

What’s in it?

Each tutorial has four main sections:

TOURgives an orientation to the sorts of Internet resources available for your subject and presents a selection of “must-see” sites

DISCOVER introduces some ways to find resources on the Web, including subject gateways, search engines and Web directories. It discusses how to choose a Web search strategy.

REVIEW discusses some issues of information quality on the Internet, for instance how you can tell whether a document found on the Web is authoritative.

REFLECT summarises practical ideas for efficient use of the Internet and gives some fictional scenarios illus