Internet Public LibraryInternet Public Library
Annual publications offering lists, charts, and tables of information on various topics.
Associations & Organizations
Directories of associations and non-profit organizations.
Accounts of persons’ lives written by another.
Calculation & Conversion Tools
Websites that assist with mathematical calculations, including online calculators and conversion dictionaries and tables.
The organization and record of the passing of days or time. Also include are topical and audience-specific calendars, such as religious and cultural calendars.
Census Data & Demographics
Information from official and non-official periodic enumeration of the U.S. and other populations, including related demographic data and reports.
General works containing alphabetical lists, with information given for each term.
Comprehensive, authoritative works containing articles on a wide range of subjects.
Experts & How-To
Ask questions, follow step-by-step instructions, or learn from online tutorials in all kinds of subjects by using these sites.
Information helpful in finding and/or interpreting records of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or ancestors.
Information on the earth, its features, the distribution of life, and political boundaries.
Use this sites to explore foreign language grammar, usage, and vocabulary.
News & Current Events
Information about recent events and happenings.
Periodical Directories
Directories to periodicals, serials, journals, magazines, newspapers, newsletters, etc.
Resources to help identify quotations or find interesting quotations.
Style and Writing Guides
Resources for proper grammatical usage, citation formats, or pap