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African Strategic Forum

The African Strategic Forum was launched in December 2019 by Hashem Mekki, Adjunct Professor at IWP and the founder of Kele Global, an international development nonprofit.

The mission of this forum is to provide a deep understanding and address critical issues relating to governance, culture, development, private sector, and African geopolitics.  The forum invites leaders, independent thinkers, and experts from broad interdisciplinary backgrounds for in-depth conversations on key topics.

This forum is hosted by The Institute of World Politics.

Ethiopia in 2021: Tackling Challenges and Looking Toward the Future
with Jon Abbink, Bronwyn Burton, Besu Feleke, Yosef Badwaza, and Dr. Gideon Timothewos Hessebon
February 8, 2021

Post-Revolution Sudanese Security Sector Reform and Social Transformation
with Dr. Linda Bishai, Dr. Sarah Detzner, and Prof. Hashem Mekki
October 30, 2020

Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD): Power Needs vs. Water Security
with Dr. Semu Moges, Dr. Hani Sewilam, and Prof. Hashem Mekki
October 14, 2020

Electoral Reform in Angola and Mozambique
a webinar with Martina Perino and Florindo Chivucute
September 9, 2020

Islamic Insurgency in Northern Mozambique and its Regional Implications
a webinar with Martina Perino and Dr. Gregory Alonso Pirio
May 15, 2020
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Corruption and the Democratic Process in Angola
with Florindo Chivucute, Hashem Mekki, Kyra Gurney, and Malik M. Chaka
February 3, 2020

The Way Forward in the Post-Revolution Sudan
with Ms. Niemat Ahmadi and Professor Hashem Mekki
November 22, 2019