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Women Executives in National Security

In 2015, the Women Executives in National Security (WENS) group was founded to spotlight leading women in the security sphere. Only a small handful of women were enrolled at the time of IWP’s founding, but today they make up over 40 percent of the student body, a reflection of the increasing number of women in national security. The WENS Lecture Series showcases women who influence foreign policy, intelligence and counterintelligence, public diplomacy and more — both front-and-center as well as behind-the-scenes. The lectures are open to the public.

The WENS Mentoring Luncheons provide an opportunity for IWP women to interact with executives in an informal setting and learn about the challenges and satisfaction of succeeding in the security sphere. The discussions are frank and lively. The featured speakers encourage, inform and inspire the women of IWP.