O cywilizacji śmierci [About the Civilization of Death]

Another book by Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz has just been published in Poland. It is entitled O cywilizacji śmierci [About the Civilization of Death]. What is the Civilization of Death? It is a system that limits or even counteracts the multiplication of humankind. The Civilization of Death is a total system of social engineering implemented through…

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Cyber Intelligence Initiative

Eric O’Neill Joins the Cyber Intelligence Initiative Board of Advisors as Executive Advisor

Eric O’Neill, former FBI counterterrorism and counterintelligence operative, has joined the Board of Advisors of IWP’s Cyber Intelligence Initiative, where he has agreed to be an Executive Advisor. During his tenure at the FBI, Mr. O’Neill played an integral role capturing one of the most notorious spies in American history, Robert Hanssen, who had been…

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The Age of Ideology

The Twentieth Century has been declared the “Age of Ideology,” apparently to distinguish it from prior centuries, especially the nineteenth, when rationality, raison d’ etat, balance of power, “white man’s burden,” geopolitics, evolution, industry, hierarchy, monarchy, stability, “cabinet diplomacy,” “national interest,” etc. were governing factors of common life. By contrast, the last century was governed…

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