The Russia-China Alliance Is Real

Chinese President Xi Jinping hosted Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Beijing Olympics. In a joint statement, the two said that “friendship between the two states has no limits” and “there are no forbidden areas of cooperation.” The statement was striking for its clarity, but it should not come as a surprise. The systematic interplay between Russia…

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Hurtling towards global chaos and anarchy

Avigdor Liberman correctly predicts the breakdown of international order but does not mention it is being hastened by the social and political deterioration in the U.S. A remarkable interview with Israel’s Minister of Finance Avigdor Liberman was published in the February 4th issue of the Jerusalem Post magazine. In the interview, Liberman states that due…

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Ratifying UNCLOS Can Counter China’s Growing Naval Strength

This article was written by IWP doctoral candidate Saba Sattar and published by The National Interest.  Washington must reassert formidable leadership by upholding the example it sets forth on multilateral platforms. China began its rapid naval expansion in the mid-1980s, initially prioritizing the immediate vicinities of East Asia and the Taiwan Strait. Today, its power…

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To Bear Any Burden, Santoli

Georgetown publishes 1985 interview on Vietnam with Prof. Al Santoli

A 1985 interview with The Institute of World Politics Professor Al Santoli regarding his book, To Bear Any Burden: The Vietnam War and Its Aftermath in the Words of Americans and Southeast Asians, has been published into Georgetown University’s digital database. The interview took place on the television series American Interests, where Professor Santoli was interviewed…

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Dr. Matt Daniels discusses his MLK high school curriculum

On January 31, 2022 for Federal News Radio, IWP career director Derrick Dortch interviewed the co-authors of a new United States high school curriculum that has a foundation in the principles of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. Matt Daniels, a professor at IWP, and his co-authors, Anthony Jones and Vern Howard, specifically incorporated Dr.…

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Taiwan: A Dangerous Flashpoint

Introduction For the near future (two to five years), the issue of Taiwan and its position between China and the U.S. offers the greatest potential in the world for the outbreak of either conventional or nuclear war. Still worse, we may even see such fears realized within weeks or months in what could well be…

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Holocaust Memorial Monument Berlin Germany

Honoring those who helped end the Holocaust

This article was written by an IWP student and Chaplain with the U.S. Army Reserve. This International Holocaust Remembrance Day, let us pause and reflect on the horrors of the Holocaust and acknowledge, preserve, and honor all those who fell victim to its evil manifestation. Let us begin by Acknowledging the Evil. The evil that…

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