On Taiwan: China’s 2021 demands

The Chinese always test incoming American presidents. George W. Bush had his “EP-3 Hainan Incident” (he announced an US$8 billion arms package for Taiwan); Obama had his “USNS Impeccable” (he ignored it, the Chinese then confronted several other US naval vessels, still nothing; it told them all they needed to know). President-elect Donald Trump had…

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Xi Jinping’s Authoritarian Drive is Following His Predecessors’ Precedents

This article was written by IWP alumnus David Stoffey. If there is a norm in Chinese succession, it’s that nearly every paramount leader strove to retain power indefinitely, with most failing. The U.S. State Department’s Policy Planning Staff recently released a long report on China. Likened to George Kennan’s 1946 “Long Telegram,” the report spells out Foggy Bottom’s foreign…

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Snowden’s no hero

President Trump is embracing the pardon power, cleaning the slates of campaign advisers caught up in the Russia “collusion” investigation as well as Charles Kushner (his son-in-law’s father) and others. Trump is reportedly considering more, and some of his vocal boosters, including Sen. Rand Paul, Rep. Matt Gaetz, and newly elected Republican populist Marjorie Taylor…

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Democrats’ path to losing House majority runs through Tehran

Voters are likely to recoil from Biden’s inclination to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal President-elect Joe Biden caving to Iran — again — will put Republican leader Kevin McCarthy on a glidepath to retaking the House. Mr. Biden bluntly blusters, “the last [expletive] thing we need in that part of the world is a buildup of nuclear capability.” Yet,…

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Overcrowded train transferring refugees during the partition of India, 1947

Ethno-Religious Cleansing in India

Parker Sears is pursuing his Master’s degree in Statecraft and International affairs with a specialization in Conflict Prevention. He graduated from Assumption College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Political Science and History. Parker hopes that his paper will shed light on a region of increasing geopolitical importance and will help peacekeepers prevent…

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Chinese Drones Are Spying on Americans

The U.S. government at the federal, state, and local levels is using Chinese drones that the Chinese Communist Party is exploiting for espionage. That is the public conclusion of a branch of the Department of Homeland Security. Citing “security concerns,” other departments have all-but-explicitly publicly made the same claims, and some have begun to take steps…

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Burundi Flag

Kubura Shinge na Rugero: Failure to Prevent Ethnic Conflict and Future Violence in Burundi

This paper was written by Jocelyn Young for IWP’s course on “Mass Murder Prevention in Failed and Failing States” (IWP 649). Jocelyn is a master’s student in IWP’s Statecraft and International Affairs program specializing in conflict prevention and how to counter violent extremism around the world. Nestled by the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the small…

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Intermarium in the 21st Century

This paper was written by Agnes Tycner for IWP 634: Geography and Strategy. Agnes is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Statecraft and International Affairs with a specialization in Eastern Europe and Russia. Her goal is to practice law one day and to gain experience in government, diplomacy, and policymaking until then.  The Intermarium Project, a…

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ISIS Crisis Wargame

IWP students, interns, and alumni wargame in class and globally

“The ISIS Crisis wargame simulated many of the stressors that existed during my time working in the humanitarian sector in Iraq. I worked in a post-conflict environment the year after Mosul was liberated from the terrorist organization. ISIS Crisis accurately demonstrates the difficulty of navigating power dynamics between state and non-state actors and reinforces the…

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