Teaching Dr. King as an Antidote to Violence

Both at home and abroad, we are witnessing a rising tide of violence. Those who may think these trends are disconnected must confront events such as the recent tragedy in Buffalo — a senseless act of hateful violence committed by a violent extremist. In killing 10 people, the American gunman consciously copied far-right extremist who…

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Nazism in Ukraine? A Short History of Russian Propaganda

President Vladimir Putin has vowed to “de-Nazify” Ukraine. He means that Ukraine is somehow a “Nazi” country at present. To understand the Kremlin’s narrative we must go back to the Second World War and even earlier. First, we must understand that the word “Nazi” or “fascist” and “Hitlerite” has been infinitely flexible in Moscow’s vocabulary.…

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Did US fighter jets escort Speaker Pelosi to Taiwan?

Taipei Times readers may not have noticed, but for several days at the beginning of the month, there was a considerable amount of American jet fighter activity out of Okinawa. On Saturday, July 30, Ryukyu Shimpo (琉球新報) reported the unusual arrival of nine refueling tankers at Kadena Air Base (嘉手納空軍基地). Then, just after dark at…

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Dr. John Lenczowski discusses the Russia/Ukraine situation with Gary Brode

IWP Founder, Chancellor, and President Emeritus Dr. John Lenczowski joined a panel to discuss “Russia/Ukraine and the Implications for our Relationship with Adversaries (including China)” with Gary Brode of Deep Water Investing. The other panelists were Lt. Colonel (Ret) Jason Galui and Heather Heldman. Watch the full video here:

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Poland’s Best Kept Secret

Liberty (wolność) is the most salient and recognizable characteristic of the Polish heritage. The Polish conservative way champions freedom before other treasures of tradition: rather than license, it is freedom with responsibility that Polish conservatives espouse. Christian faith, tradition, family, patria, individualism, property, and order complement liberty in the pantheon of cherished values that have…

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IWP Students in Greece, 2022

Students experience Greece through classes and tours

A group of seven IWP students has recently returned from IWP’s first study abroad trip to Greece. This trip was organized in cooperation with the Mycenean Foundation, and students embarked on this four-week trip in July 2022. During this time, they had the chance to attend two IWP classes. On arrival, students explored Athens before…

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IWP Students in the UK

IWP students study at Oxford and explore Europe

The first half of the 2022 summer term saw a return of IWP’s study abroad program as thirteen of the Institute’s students traveled across the pond to the University of Oxford. Led by IWP’s very own Professor John Tsagronis and in partnership with the Oxford Study Abroad Programme (OSAP), the students were able to study…

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Sebastian Smeureanu

Meet Sebastian Smeureanu (’22), IWP Director of Media Development and Production

Sebastian Smeureanu, a member of the class of 2022, has recently joined The Institute of World Politics’ staff as Director of Media Development and Production. He comes to IWP with a unique academic and professional background. Below is his story.   From Performing Arts to National Security   Sebastian was born in communist Romania. Realizing the hardships…

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