Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address

The Top Ten Inaugurals

Above: Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address Inaugurations Probably the most important speech ever given by any President of the United States was his first official one. While all the subsequent addresses, some in the thousands, related to situations, circumstances, and events, the Inaugural Address has an importance that is all its own. Not only does…

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Matt Daniels with the MLK Advisory Council of Georgia

Teaching the non-violent social justice principles of Dr. King to a digital generation: Dr. Matthew Daniels launches new K-12 curriculum

Pictured above: The launch of Dr. Daniels’ MLK education initiative was announced in conjunction with the 50th anniversary commemoration ceremony of the MLK Advisory Council of Georgia at Stone Mountain. Dr. Matthew Daniels, IWP professor and Chair of Law and Human Rights, and Anthony Jones, M.Ed., Howard University Associate Provost/Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management,…

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Jane in Halabja, Iraq

New student receives job offer after working with IWP career services

Above: Jane in Halabja, Iraq, photo by Charlene Winfred Jane* had just committed to the IWP Certificate of Graduate Study program when she had her first conversation with IWP career services. It was a Friday in April. By Sunday, she had submitted an application to a government agency that would lead to interviews and two…

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Guilty As Charged

Guilt The quality of being “guilty” is a pervasive accusation, whether true or not, that can have a powerful effect on the behavior of anything so charged, be it individuals or nations. The precise definition of the term is “feelings of deserving blame for imagined offensives or from a sense of inadequacy.” Synonyms are “contrition,…

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Book Donation from Dennis Staszak Sept 2020

IWP alumnus and FBI veteran donates nearly 400 books to IWP

Former IWP student Dennis Staszak has generously given nearly 400 books on national security, statecraft, counterintelligence, international security, and the economics of national security to the IWP library. A 33-year veteran of the FBI and former Deputy Unit Chief of the FBI’s Foreign Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Training Unit, Mr. Staszak studied at IWP before the…

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Israel’s Turkish conundrum

Israel needs to confront Turkish neo-imperialism, but is economically and politically hamstrung. Among its many other insidious effects, the coronavirus crisis is complicating various aspects of Israeli foreign relations. Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, the Israeli economy was in excellent shape, with good GNP and export growth, low unemployment, low inflation, and healthy…

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Natural Law and Human Rights

The Debasement of Human Rights: How Politics Sabotage the Ideal of Freedom By Aaron Rhodes Reviewed by Marek Jan Chodakiewicz Where do our laws come from? From God. We have been created in the image of the Lord (imago Dei). Each and every one of us derives his dignity from Him. Our dignity demands respect…

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Belarus Counter-Revolution Petering Out

It looks like the anti-post-Communist Counter-Revolution has slowly petered out in Belarus. Aleksandr “Daddy” Lukashenka has things pretty much under control. Sure, there are still riots and demonstrations, but the numbers of participants continue to dwindle from the greatest gathering in the nation’s history when, in mid-August, about 250,000 marched in Minsk. Read more at…

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