Prof. Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses Secretary Blinken’s trip to Japan and the future of American dominance in Asia

This March, IWP Professor and Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs sat down with Charles Payne of Fox News to discuss Secretary of State John Blinken’s upcoming trip to Japan ahead of his meeting with China. Charles Payne and Prof. Heinrichs discussed the importance of emitting strength in Secretary Blinken’s upcoming meeting with China, the…

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Should America Gift Poland a Nuclear Weapon?

A shorter version of this article was published by Newsmax. In Ghost Fleet, a science cyber-fiction thriller about our next war with China and Russia in the near future, NATO falls apart. After the United States is attacked, and Hawaii occupied by Red Chinese, the Europeans proclaim neutrality. That is, except for the Brits and…

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Benedictine College

IWP and Benedictine College celebrate a year of partnership

IWP and Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas are celebrating one year of a partnership in national security and international affairs education. The agreement, signed in January 2020, states that Benedictine students and alumni who are accepted to IWP’s M.A. programs will receive guaranteed scholarships of $2,200 per semester, in addition to any merit-based scholarships already…

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Baylor University, photo by Michael Barera

IWP and Baylor University forge partnership for international affairs education

In February 2021, IWP and Baylor University signed a Memorandum of Understanding to form a partnership for international affairs education. Baylor University is a private Christian university that, by pursuit of truth, fosters the full development of the soul of all its students. Under the new agreement, Baylor University students and graduates will automatically be…

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The world won’t wait

Pressing foreign policy matters mean Israel needs a strong, stable government after the election. Well, Israelis will be going to the polling places yet again in a couple of weeks. There is a tendency to emphasize the importance of the election for domestic reasons: Yes Bibi no Bibi; are the Haredim part of the Israeli…

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The EU’s Vaccine Blues

A shorter version of this article was published by Newsmax. By May, the United States will have enough COVID-19 vaccine for its entire adult population. The Canadians and British are quickly catching up. In contrast, the European Union lags far behind. There are serious shortages virtually everywhere. Why? First, the EU is less than friendly…

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Amb. Aldona Wos

Longtime Trustee Amb. Aldona Woś elected Vice Chairman of IWP

Longtime IWP Trustee Ambassador Aldona Woś, M.D. was elected Vice Chairman of The Institute of World Politics at the February Board of Trustees meeting. Ambassador Woś is a physician, public policy leader, and philanthropist with broad expertise in public health and global affairs. She was the Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia under President George…

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Ethiopia Flag

IWP hosts discussion on challenges facing Ethiopia

On February 8, 2021, The Institute of World Politics hosted its latest lecture in The African Strategic Forum titled “Ethiopia in 2021: Tackling Challenges and Looking Forward to the Future.” This event was moderated by Professor Hashem Mekki, who teaches Arabic at IWP, and included five expert panelists, Mr. Jon Abbink, Ms. Bronwyn Burton, Mr.…

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