The truth about disinformation

Factual refutation is helpless against deliberate disinformation. We need different tactics against this plague of our time. Of the many scourges the world is currently subject to, one of the worst is the proliferation through modern means of communication, of highly dangerous disinformation. First, some definitions: information is the communication of what is purported to…

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Dr. James Anderson comments on Chinese aggression towards Taiwan

In an article by Fox News entitled “Chinese aggression toward Taiwan testing US resolve in wake of Afghanistan withdrawal, experts say,” IWP President Dr. James Anderson, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Policy in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, commented on this Chinese aggression. Among other things, he noted that, “They periodically ratchet…

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Amanda Won co-authors article on North Korea in AFIO’s “Intelligencer”

Amanda (Jihyun) Won, a doctoral candidate at The Institute of World Politics, has been published in the Association of Former Intelligence Officers’ Intelligencer. The article, entitled “North Korean Control Systems – Insights from an NKIS Intelligence Officer/Defector,” is co-authored by Dr. Kim Dong-sik, a North Korean defector formerly from the North Korean Intelligence Service. The…

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Karina Rollins

Karina Rollins (’15) joins IWP faculty

IWP Alumna Karina Rollins has joined the IWP faculty as an Adjunct Professor of Writing. She is teaching the course Introduction to Graduate Writing (IWP 643). The course familiarizes students with the conventions of academic writing. Prof. Rollins is senior research editor at The Heritage Foundation, where she edits research papers and policy books for…

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Iraq-Israel normalization move continues to mystify

We still know nothing about the obscure American NGO which brought together 300 prominent Iraqi Sunni and Shia leaders to urge Iraq to normalize relations with Israel. If I had written in this column a month ago that more than 300 prominent Iraqis, Sunni and Shia, tribal leaders and even government officials, were going to…

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A dilemma of our time: Fear sells

Rarely does one read a column that summarizes most political circumstances, good or evil, as succinctly and as helpful as David Von Drehle’s Oct. 6 op-ed “Fear sells. It’s our job not to give in to it.” Read more at The Washington Post

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Free trade with China is still good for us all

Despite pushback from both left and right, free markets should always be supported, because they free people to live out their potential—even in despotic regimes like China’s. Doug Irwin in his seminal book Free Trade Under Fire points out that Democrats and Republicans have historically vacillated on free trade. The Democratic Party of the late 19th century…

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Angelo Codevilla speaking in Prof. Ken deGraffenreid's intelligence course in August 1994

Angelo Codevilla, RIP

Above: Angelo Codevilla speaking in Prof. Ken deGraffenreid’s intelligence course at IWP in August 1994.  My initial contact with Angelo goes back nearly half a century when we both worked Capitol Hill as “conservative” staff on National Security issues, me in the House he in the Senate. In 1975, we shared a memorable year together…

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IWP Students at Nationals Game

IWP students and alumni attend Nationals game

On October 1, a group of IWP students and alumni gathered at Nationals Park to cheer on the Washington Nationals (and Boston Red Sox) in one of the last games of the season. It was a beautiful evening in the nation’s capital. Also in attendance were IWP President Dr. James Anderson and his family and…

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Kelley DeConciliis discusses exfiltration efforts in Afghanistan

Kelley DeConciliis, a member of IWP’s Board of Advisors, has recently made appearances on CNN, Fox News, and Fox Radio to discuss her exfiltration efforts in Afghanistan. In addition to her role on the IWP Board of Advisors, Mrs. DeConsiliis is the current Chief Operations Officer of Special Aerospace Security Services, Inc. and is an…

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