New Year: the good, the bad, and the ugly

As the Jewish New Year gets under way, it’s time to assess whether things will get any better in coming months As the Jewish New Year begins, we should look backward and forward in time to decide what is good, what is bad, and what is ugly. Looking backward, the last category is easy. This past…

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Janos Esterhazy

A Saintly Underdog: Count János Esterházy

A shorter version of this article was originally published by Newsmax.  America usually sides with an underdog. When the underdog’s cause is righteous, our support tends to be unqualified. Sometimes we root for the collective underdog. That was the case, for example, with America’s fondness of Poland’s “Solidarity” and its fight for freedom against the…

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Abraham Lincoln Statue


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” – Abraham Lincoln, 1858 Lincoln Lincoln first brought up the danger of “a house divided” when he announced it “cannot stand” in the 1858 Senate debate in Illinois. Although he was referring to slavery, the analogy is timeless and universal and has been proven accurate in countless situations,…

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Arthur and Freddie Stromberg

Arthur Stromberg bequeaths $2 million to IWP

Longtime IWP supporter Mr. Arthur Stromberg, who passed away earlier this year in March, generously bequeathed approximately $2 million to IWP. Mr. Stromberg’s enthusiasm for IWP was contagious, and his testimony on the vital necessity of having a school like IWP to serve the nation was powerful. He strongly believed IWP was important to support…

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American Flag

Alumnus wins two prestigious awards for counterintelligence work

This month, an IWP alumnus has received two prestigious awards: one for Best Collector in the Department of Defense (DoD), and one for Best Counterintelligence Team in DoD. His IWP education has contributed significantly to this alumnus’ ability to obtain and maximize strategic intelligence. These efforts ranged from disrupting adversarial networks to neutralizing blackmail, and…

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Safeguard: An Electoral College Story

IWP Trustee Michael Maibach featured in documentary on the U.S. Electoral College

The Institute of World Politics Trustee and alumnus Michael Maibach was recently featured in the Documentary film Safeguard: An Electoral College Story. Written and directed by M.A. Taylor, Safeguard takes on the growing threat to our Electoral College system with a combination of historical evidence and expert analysis.  Mr. Maibach joins an esteemed cast including,…

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Acceptance and Rejection

Words have meaning. To misuse a word or an expression may turn around the entire content of what one is trying to relate. Precision in language, written or vocal, is often scrutinized carefully so as not to convey a wrong impression. Political Words In world politics, examples of such confusion are legion. During the Cold…

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