Should you bet on Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency provides an exciting alternative to national currency as a decentralized alternative to fiat notes, but it’s no silver bullet. For those who’ve heard the word a lot but are still not sure what it means, cryptocurrency is a digital asset used to make purchases. It operates using a computer network, often a blockchain, a shared ledger…

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Lilly Thumm Headshot

The IWP Internship Experience: Lilly Thumm

Through Butler University’s Washington D.C. Learning Semester, I was able to live on Capitol Hill and work for four months alongside Dr. Sara Vakhshouri as she examined energy transition in emerging markets, specifically countries in Africa. Outside of my work as a research assistant, I was able to attend a Washington Capitals game with other…

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Ukraine’s Fog of War

Let’s peek into the fog of war, mostly on the Russian side. Who are the Russian troops invading Ukraine? What do they do and not do? After all, it is good to know who is actually responsible for all the carnage. We should also endeavor to differentiate between perception and reality, no matter how hard…

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Japan’s Old Fights With Russia Have Them on Our Side in Far East

Japan has issued stern warnings about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It has moved to freeze Russian assets and properties; it supports extensive sanctions against the Kremlin. At least 61 Russian and Belarusian oligarchs and officials are impacted. The Japanese have also pledged assistance for the beleaguered Ukrainians. They further appealed to President Vladimir Putin against the use of nuclear weapons in the conflict. Read…

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Alberto Piedra, RIP: Memories

People dear to us live so long as we live, or at least as long as our memories function to keep them alive. Of course, frequent and even infrequent communion with the dear ones helps to keep the flame burning. When they are near physically, do visit them. When they are away, call if you…

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Would a NATO Expansion Into Scandinavia Leave Ukraine Behind?

Compliments of Vladimir Putin’s belligerence in Ukraine, NATO’s Denmark and Norway may soon welcome two more Nordic nations as our military alliance members: Sweden and Finland have been seriously considering joining up. This is not a given. Bot nations have long cherished their neutrality. Sweden sat out both World Wars. Afterward, it officially stayed aloof…

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Dean Lane

Dean Lane joins IWP as Chief Information Officer

IWP is pleased to announce that Captain Dean Lane, USN-Retired has been appointed Chief Information Officer of IWP. Dean has been involved with IWP since 2017 when he joined the Institute as Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence. In his new role, Dean has a collateral responsibility for the Cyber Intelligence Initiative.  In this capacity,…

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Cover of Civil Rights - A Global Perspective

Dr. Matt Daniels’ MLK curriculum to be promoted in Africa

IWP professor Dr. Matthew Daniels, with his colleagues Anthony Jones and Vern Howard, has developed a curriculum through McGraw Hill Education called Civil Rights: A Global Perspective. It is designed to show young leaders the principles from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the ways they can be prepared to tackle human rights issues. Dr.…

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China’s Quest for Self-Reliance: A Case for America Reshoring Key Industries

This article was written by IWP alumnus David Schneider (’21). The time has come for China to “travel the road of self-reliance,” President Xi Jinping declared in September of 2018 in a speech to the China First Heavy Industries factory. Spurring China to develop its own cutting-edge technology, with the goal of reducing dependency on…

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