Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz analyzes Putin’s approach to Ukraine and Russia’s grand strategy

On March 27, 2022, IWP’s Dr. Marek Chodakiewicz delivered a lecture entitled “Ukraine and Russia: What’s going on?” Dr. Chodakiewicz analyzed the goals and strategy of Putin to help attendees better understand the invasion of Ukraine. Additionally, he dedicated time to addressing questions that frequently come up in conversations about the invasion. Dr. Chodakiewicz began…

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IWP hosts United States Army War College students virtually

The Institute of World Politics hosted its annual visit for the United States Army War College as part of its annual National Security Staff Ride on April 13, 2022. In total, there were 15 participants from the USAWC, representing all U.S. services and five international officers from Europe, the Mideast, Australia, and the Philippines. During…

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Reunion of Confederate and Federal veterans at Gettysburg, 1913

With Enemies Like That Who Needs Friends

The title quotes from the familiar notion but reverses the two expressions. The point of the article is that it doesn’t matter, especially between nation-states. Meaning: that to “label” others into either category might be a terrible mistake. In other words, in the final analysis, there is little distinction between the two, and to make…

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Soviet soldier waving a red flag at a building off the central square in Stalingrad, Russia, Jan-Feb 1943

Circumstance in World Politics

The two expressions in the title, circumstance and politics, are essential in estimating the current (and historic) public acceptance of war vs. peace in the American political culture. The word “circumstance” is formally defined as “state of affairs” or “sum of essential and environmental factors,” while politics is associated with the art of “governing” as…

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World Map

IWP launches Strategic Leadership Seminar

Starting this fall, IWP’s Strategic Leadership Seminar will become available to participant groups of government, military, corporate, and NGO leadership. This customized, one-week program is held at IWP’s Washington, D.C. campus. During the seminar, expert IWP scholar-practitioners will explore key strategic issues through a combination of graduate-level lectures and experiential exercises. Participants will come away…

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Portrait of George Washington by Gilbert Stuart

Washington Got it Right, From the Beginning

While certainly “subjective,” I would like to begin this essay with an assertion: that George Washington’s Farewell Address, September 17, 1796, remains the greatest political document in American history. While the odds against this claim remain large, they are not helped by the notion that the very first document published on this subject (political “behavior”…

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An economist’s summer reading list

Between raging inflation and declining markets, consumers have much to worry about. What they shouldn’t worry about is whether there are answers at hand. Some new books provide hope. f you attended Acton University, you saw the treasure trove of books for sale. Several of those books made it onto both my credit card and my…

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Maria Calderoni speaks at IAFIE conference in Italy

Maria Calderoni (’22) speaks at IAFIE conference in Italy

Maria Katarina Calderoni, IWP alumna and former president of IWP’s student chapter of the International Association for Intelligence Education (IAFIE), attended the IAFIE and IAFIE Europe Chapter’s 2022 Joint Conference in Treviso, Italy, in June 2022. The 3-day conference, hosted by Ècole Universitaire Internationale, was themed “Working Wicked Intelligence Challenges” and focused on Emerging Near…

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