Dean Lane discusses “black swan” events at cyber conference

Above: Dean Lane begins speaking around 1:49:15. IWP Senior Vice President for Cyber Intelligence Capt. Dean Lane USN (Ret.) spoke at “HMG Live! Florida CIO Executive Leadership Summit” on December 1. When he was asked how to prepare for a “black swan” event, Capt. Lane noted that we cannot control the present, but we can…

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IWP Mace

The Institute of World Politics (IWP) launches search for new President

IWP has launched a search process for a new President to build on the Institute’s success in educating the next generation of leaders in national security, intelligence, and international affairs. IWP Board Chairman John Lovewell and longtime trustee Ambassador Aldona Woś are co-chairing the Search Committee, which is actively seeking qualified candidates dedicated to the…

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The E.U. Is Coming for Catholics

Poland and Hungary are in trouble with the European Union again. Ostensibly, this time it is a budgetary dispute that neither Warsaw nor Budapest is willing to sign off on. But, in essence, it is a clash of postmodernism on the one hand and traditionalism on the other. Brussels endeavors brutally to impose its social-engineering schemes…

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Piri reis world map

Building the Atlantic World

Beginnings In 1963, a group of scholars at the University of Pennsylvania’s Foreign Policy Research Institute (FPRI) wrote a book with the same title as this essay (Robert Strausz-Hupe et al ) that argued for a greater common political relationship that would unite the sovereign nations of the “Atlantic World.” Just fourteen years after NATO…

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Jackie and Bruce Wieland

Jacqueline and Bruce Wieland create new Great Statesman Scholarship at IWP

IWP Trustee Jacqueline Wieland and her husband Bruce have made a five-year commitment to support IWP students through the Great Statesman Scholarship program. The new scholarship that they created will be named in honor of IWP’s Founder and President, Dr. John Lenczowski. Mr. and Mrs. Wieland became supporters of IWP after being introduced to Dr.…

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Mosul, Iraq - Old Town

IWP Professor launches major international human rights initiative

Above: Mosul, Old Town, photo by IWP student “Jane“ Dear Colleagues and Friends of IWP, Our IWP Professor Dr. Matt Daniels has created a major new human rights initiative and is launching it next Wednesday, December 9, with the endorsement of the State Department and officials representing Germany, Hungary, Poland, and Autonomous North and East…

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Political situation after the Congress of Vienna in June 1815.

Can the Congress of Vienna be Restored?

Above: The political situation after the Congress of Vienna in June 1815. Preventing War If the main purpose of international organizations is to prevent war, the only one worth examining is the historic congress held in Vienna, Austria, 1814-1815. The others – League of Nations, United Nations – are worth examining only if one wants…

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“It’s the Education, Stupid”

In 1992, after nearly a century of winning world wars and forging world orders, America finally gave up. In winning the presidency that year, the Governor of Arkansas campaigned on the slogan “It’s the economy, stupid.” With this motto on almost every poster and campaign circular, Bill Clinton rode to power against the grain of…

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Everyone’s Happy, Except Poor Armenia

The Azeris have just cleaned the Armenians’ clock. A month or so ago the frozen conflict thawed out and the perennial adversaries joined battle yet again in an Armenian enclave situated within Azerbaijan. The latter won, in no small measure thanks to Turkey, Israel, and the United States, but also because of dysfunctionality of post-Soviet…

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