Photo by Mirek Pruchnicki, Ukrainian children are fleeing Russian aggression. Przemyśl, Poland 27-02-2022

Guests not Refugees: Massive grassroots humanitarian action in Poland supporting the Ukrainian war refugees

Above: Ukrainian children fleeing Russian aggression, Przemyśl, Poland, February 27, 2022. Photo by Mirek Pruchnicki. The article below was written by Maria Juczewska (’19), who is currently living in Poland.  Putin launched another offensive against Ukraine on February 24. It prompted a massive flight of vulnerable Ukrainians towards the borders, mostly mothers with children and…

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Flag of Ukraine

IWP holds Ukraine briefing for IWP Chancellor’s Council members

On March 10, IWP held a briefing exclusively for Chancellor’s Council members on the current situation in Ukraine with three faculty panelists: Founder, Chancellor, and President Emeritus Dr. John Lenczowski, who formerly served as Director of European and Soviet Affairs at the National Security Council; Interim Dean and former special assistant in the Office of…

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The ignoble descent of Faustian man

The decline of the West, described in great detail by Oswald Spengler a hundred years ago, is now entering its final phase. “What shall it profit a man if he gain the whole world and lose his own soul?” – Yeshua ben Yosef, itinerant Jewish preacher in Roman Palestine in the first half of the 1st century…

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Amanda Won

Amanda Won to present at NIU’s 2022 Intelligence Studies Consortium

IWP doctoral candidate Amanda Won has been selected to present her doctoral thesis on North Korean espionage for a panel on Great Power Competition at National Intelligence University’s 2022 Intelligence Studies Consortium. The panel will be moderated by Dr. Michael Ard, a former CIA analyst and manager who teaches at Johns Hopkins. This event will…

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IWP Students at Reston Campus

IWP thanks anonymous donor for generous gift

Above: Students at IWP’s Reston campus While IWP deeply appreciates every single contribution we receive, we would publicly like to acknowledge one donor who provided a $20,000 gift of Apple stock on January 10, 2022, since we have no other avenue to express our thanks for this anonymous gift. IWP is truly blessed to have…

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Dr. James Robbins

Dr. James Robbins and CAPT Chris Glass join IWP leadership team

IWP is pleased to announce that James S. Robbins, Ph.D. has been appointed Interim Dean of Academics and that Captain Christopher D. Glass, Sr., USN-Retired has been appointed as Acting Executive Vice President of IWP. These appointments follow the resignations of Larry Cosgriff (’07), who had served as Executive Vice President since 2015, and Dr.…

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DeJoy Wos Scholarship Recipients 2021

Amb. Aldona Woś, M.D. appointed Interim President of IWP

Amb. Aldona Woś, M.D. was appointed Interim President of The Institute of World Politics following the resignation of Dr. James Anderson on February 19. Amb. Woś has served as U.S. Ambassador to Estonia where she conducted pathbreaking work in public diplomacy.  In recognition of her extraordinary achievements, IWP conferred upon her an Honorary Doctorate.  Originally…

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City of Nafplio

IWP launches opportunity to study abroad in Greece

IWP, in cooperation with the Mycenean Foundation, is launching a study-abroad opportunity in Greece, beginning in July 2022. During this four-week trip, IWP students will stay in the seaside town of Nafplio, where two IWP classes will be offered. They will also tour some of the great cultural sites in Greece and meet with senior…

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