Admitting Sweden and Finland to NATO Makes Eminent Sense

During the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid, the members of the transatlantic alliance will decide about admitting Sweden and Finland. Is this in the interest of the United States? Some say it is not. But it tends to be the same neo-isolationist, national conservative voices that question our presence in Europe in general and prefer Russia over Ukraine in…

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Anticipation in Foreign Policy

“Remember this: anticipation is the ultimate power. Losers react; leaders anticipate.” -Tony Robbins Properly, the word anticipation is defined as the act of “looking forward to” or “an action that takes into account or forestalls a later action.” Can someone/something be held responsible for doing nothing when action might have forestalled/stopped some action in the…

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Chris Glass, Chloe Tran, Dean Lane

West Point Cadet Chloe Tran receives IWP cyber statecraft award

On Thursday, May 19, Captain Dean Lane, USN retired, IWP’s Chief Information Officer and Cyber Intelligence Director, and Captain Chris Glass, USN retired, IWP’s Executive Vice President, presented the annual United States Military Academy Institute of World Politics Award for Excellence in Cyber Statecraft to Cadet Chloe Tran, U.S. Army. The presentation was made during…

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Is Missile-Driven Deterrence the Solution to the War in Ukraine?

Kyiv’s supporters insist that more missiles of longer range are not a problem, but a solution. Ever since President Joe Biden first swore off fighting World War III (and creating no-fly zones over Ukraine), Washington nuclear intellectuals have enjoyed a momentary splash of relevance. Nuclear fear and loathing—i.e., nuclear mutual assured destruction and deterrence—are back.…

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Mike Pitstick

Mike Pitstick joins IWP as Deputy Director of Graduate Recruitment

IWP is pleased to welcome Mike Pitstick as our new Deputy Director of Graduate Recruitment. Mike is a former IWP intern, who worked with us in the summer of 2014. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, Mike graduated from the University of Dallas (an IWP partner school) in 2015 with a B.A. in Politics and in 2020…

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Give the people’s wealth to the people

Israel’s sovereign wealth fund, finally activated, should be used to narrow the country’s shockingly wide economic gaps. The Israeli government has finally activated the sovereign wealth fund that was authorized years ago to accumulate the levies collected under the Natural Resources Profits Law, chiefly from the companies and partnerships exploiting Israel’s offshore gas reservoirs. Read…

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Putin’s Russia created Europe’s worst refugee crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has produced Europe’s gravest refugee crisis arguably since the Second World War. The Ukrainian disaster shares some similarities with other European migrant emergencies. The Third World’s illegal masses consistently burst into Spain, Italy, and France. They also endeavor to walk in, mostly via Greece and the Balkans. That was particularly…

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Iman Riddick

Iman Riddick to speak at CAPACRAO conference

On Friday, June 17, Registrar and Assistant Dean Iman Riddick will speak at a virtual conference of the Chesapeake and Potomac Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (CAPACRAO). She will discuss “Lessons Learned During Covid (Enrollment Services/Registrar).” Other speakers will address topics such as dual enrollment; diversity, equity, and inclusion; and transfer credit processes.…

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