Illustration of The Emperor's New Clothes

America Has No Clothes

We are all familiar with the satirical idiom “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” applied to situations painfully clear to all yet unmentionable. Since Hans Christian Andersen wrote his fairy tale in 1837, the expression has been commonplace to expose the willful ignorance of a people unwilling or unable to acknowledge the obvious. Andersen’s story shows…

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Hungary, Poland Traditional Bond Breaks on Ukraine

Hungary and Poland are arguably the only two nations in the Intermarium, the lands between the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic seas, which share strong affinity for one another. However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused an increasing dissonance among friends. Historical ties between the Poles and Hungarians have been strong for centuries. Recently, having shed…

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Israel Police clobbers public diplomacy

Israel has recently found effective PR responses to its enemies, but the reality of heavy-handed policing is undermining them. In the last few months, a very significant change has taken place in the nature and success of the public relations of the State of Israel. In the past, indifference (“But we’re right!”) or shrill anger…

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Amb. Aldona Wos speaking at IWP Commencement

Commencement remarks by Interim President Amb. Aldona Woś

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. And good morning, graduates. Congratulations on the hard work, commitment, and perseverance that led you here. Thank you to the parents, spouses, and friends who have supported you. Thank you to the devoted professors who continue to impart their years of professional wisdom to each student. Thank you to the…

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Caden O'Neal

The IWP Internship Experience: Caden O’Neal

My name is Caden O’Neal, and I am an honors undergraduate student at The Catholic University of America (CUA), pursuing two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and Political Science, with joint concentrations in Peace Strategy and International Affairs. Over the course of spring 2022, I participated in the hybrid National Security and International Affairs…

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Victor Davis Hanson speaking at IWP Commencement

Remarks by Victor Davis Hanson at IWP Commencement 2022

Dr. Victor Davis Hanson gave the following keynote address at IWP Commencement on May 14, 2022.  Thank you very much to The Institute of World Politics, and congratulations to all the graduates today. The nation and the world are in dire need of you graduates, Class of 2022 – your expertise, your commitment, your common…

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Battle of Ia Drang, Vietnam War

Vietnam documentary features Prof. Al Santoli and Dr. James Robbins

A new Fox Nation documentary entitled The Unauthorized History of the Vietnam War features two IWP professors: Prof. Al Santoli and IWP Interim Dean of Academics Dr. James Robbins. Both professors are featured in the promo for the documentary, which may be found here. The documentary is hosted by Fox News chief political anchor Brett…

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Price-gouging laws won’t help gas prices or consumers

It’s easier to scream about Big Oil profits and greed than it is to fix the problems that underlie runaway inflation and clogged supply chains. It’s time we make hard choices and forgo feel-good rhetoric. Yesterday, Democrats successfully but narrowly passed an anti–price gouging bill in the House to address raging prices at the pump and to…

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Dr. Christopher C. Hull joins IWP as public affairs consultant

This spring, Dr. Christopher C. Hull is joining IWP as a public affairs consultant. In this role, Dr. Hull will lead IWP’s branding and marketing campaign. Dr. Hull had already been serving on the IWP faculty to teach International Relations, Statecraft, and Integrated Strategy (IWP 627). He has also taught a directed study on Europe…

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