Checking Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Edited by Henry D. Sokolski, Patrick Clawson

This report is based on commissioned research and commentary of over 30 of the nation's leading experts on Iran and nuclear proliferation. It was over a year in the making. Unlike most analyses, which have focused solely on the immediate worry of Iran going nuclear, it sees Iran's nuclear program as a persistent danger and catalyst for other states to acquire nuclear weapons options of their own. These nuclear programs along with Iran's would confront the U.S. and its allies with intolerable long-term security dangers. The report neither supports overt military action against Iran's nuclear facilities nor trying to cut a deal with Iran not to make nuclear weapons. Instead, it makes three recommendations, none of which U.S. or allied officials have yet fully adopted. For a free .pdf download of the text, click here.

Table of Contents

Preface - Patrick Clawson
Introduction - Henry Sokolski


  1. Checking Iran's Nuclear Amibtions: Report Recommendations - NPEC Project on Iran
  2. Iran's "LEgal" Paths to the Bomb - Victor Gilinsky
  3. Iran's Internal Struggles - Geneive Abdo
  4. The Prospects for Regime Change in Iran - S. Rob Sobhani
  5. Winning Iranian Hearts and Minds - Abbas William Samii
  6. U.S.-Iranian Strategic Cooperation since 1979 - Geoffrey Kemp
  7. The Challenges of U.S. Preventive Military Action - Michael Eisenstadt