IWP student discusses Libyan revolution in State Magazine

December 1, 2011  |  ARTICLES

In its December 2011 edition, State Magazine (published by the U.S. Department of State) included an article by IWP student Mario Montoya.  The article, entitled "Mission to a Revolution," gives a ground-eye view of the revolution in Libya. Though most of the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli was evacuated, Mr. Montoya and a small team of other State Department personnel established a mission in Benghazi to try to build a relationship with the rebels. This mission eventually grew into a sort of unofficial embassy which built the first "on-the-ground" contacts with the country's new leadership.

Mr. Montoya is a Special Agent with the Diplomatic Security Service. He also sent the Institute a Libyan flag as a unique token of appreciation. 

Please click here to read the article, which can be found beginning at page 18.