President Obama Ignores Cold War Lessons for Counterjihad at America’s Peril

May 16, 2016  |  ARTICLES
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If you want to understand why 15 years after 9/11 the West is still fighting the Global Jihadi Movement, look no further than President Barack Obama's recent comments in the Atlantic. During a conversation with columnist Jeffrey Goldberg, the President argued that analogizing between the Cold War Communist threat and today's jihadist threat is detrimental to America's cause -- that we must not "paint with a broad brush" lest we create a "clash of civilizations."

The President's remarks illustrate two points: his apparent ignorance of the nature of the Communist and Islamic extremist threats, and his greater concern with not offending Muslims (themselves the largest casualties of jihad) than openly and honestly describing an enemy that seeks to spread its Sharia-based totalitarian rule over the world. In so doing, President Obama ignores Sun Tzu's dictum about knowing your enemy if you wish to win -- at our nation's peril.

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