Sebastian Gorka to join IWP faculty full-time this August

by Quinn Phillips  |  July 15, 2016  |  PRESS RELEASES

Sebastian Gorka and John Lenczowski at 2016 Commencement 444x718Dr. Sebastian Gorka, formerly an adjunct professor, will join IWP's ranks on a full-time basis as Professor of Strategy and Irregular Warfare, bringing his expertise in counterterrorism, irregular warfare, and grand strategy. He will also serve as Vice President for National Security Support.

Dr. Gorka's distinguished career includes positions such as National Defense University's Associate Dean for Congressional Affairs and Relations with the Special Operations Community, as well as a position as Associate Fellow at the Joint Special Operations University, and an adjunct professorship in US National Security at Georgetown University. Most recently, he has served as the Major General Matthew C. Horner Chair of Military Theory at Marine Corps University.

He has consulted in numerous capacities for notable educational institutions, corporations, and news organizations. In this past spring alone, Dr. Gorka made over thirty media appearances by lending his expertise on topics including global terrorism, presidential candidates, the Orlando shooting, and asymmetrical warfare.  Dr. Gorka is the author of several publications, most recently a New York Times bestselling book entitled Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War, which was released in April of 2016.

Dr. Gorka, who has served as an adjunct professor at IWP since 2013, is slated to instruct several courses at the Institute and maintain his heavy schedule of media appearances and public lectures around the country. He will also lecture at colleges and universities nationwide to enhance awareness of IWP and recruit students.

In his capacity as Vice President for National Security Support, he will maintain and deepen relationships with US government agencies and armed forces for two broader purposes: first, to recruit students from these organizations, and second, to develop custom-made educational programs to meet the needs of these agencies and services. Additionally, he will continue to advise senior government officials.

President of the Institute, Dr. John Lenczowski, commented on Dr. Gorka's new professorship by praising his "rare understanding of the ideological dimensions of the war against radical Islamist terrorism, his intellectual courage, his commitment to the defense of America and Western civilization, and his enthusiasm for his students' education."

The Institute of World Politics long ago committed itself to providing students a professional education in statecraft, national security, and international affairs that no other program offers. With its five Master of Arts degrees, 18 Certificates of Graduate Study, and a Continuing Education Program, the Institute deliberately builds a strong student body and faculty base to support the four-part mission of the Institute.

With the addition of Dr. Gorka, IWP strengthens its roster of leading authorities on national security. Academic Dean Dr. Mackubin Owens commented that Dr. Gorka adds both breadth and depth in his experience, and IWP is "looking forward to not only the courses he will teach, but also the new opportunities that he will develop for the school."

Dr. Gorka is a tremendous asset for the Institute's faculty. The IWP community looks forward to welcoming him in August.