VOA China hosts Institute’s founder

April 7, 2011  |  PRESS RELEASES

On Thursday, April 7, 2011, IWP Founder and President John Lenczowski had an hour-long television interview with Voice of America's China service on the topic of "20 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall."

Dr. Lenczowski discussed the collapse of the Soviet empire, and how the recent revolts in the Middle East and Northern Africa are related to this collapse.  He also described implications of these revolts for China.  He noted these revolts have a common thread with the collapse of the Soviet Union: they all involve protests against authorities ruling without the consent of the governed. 

The interview was conducted in Mandarin (Dr. Lenczowski's responses were interpreted for viewers).  On the show, Dr. Lenczowski took phone calls directly from viewers in China. 

After the interview, Dr. Lenczowski met with members of the staff of VOA's China service, who thanked him for his commitment to promoting public diplomacy and international broadcasting.