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Call for papers: Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs

IWP students have been invited to contribute submissions to a forthcoming issue of the Bologna Center Journal of International Affairs.  The annual journal seeks papers on the theme of “The end of capitalism,” especially those that answer the following questions:

• With government intervention on the rise, will we see a move away from laissez-faire capitalism? If so, what will the new economic order look like?

• Rather than furthering global integration, will current events result in a backlash against worldwide economic cooperation and a move towards regional agreements?

• What role should states, institutions and individual actors take in shaping the future balance of economic and political power?

• Will the role of the nation-state be redefined vis-à-vis regional and international institutions?

• Can we expect a move towards relatively stronger transnational institutions and relatively weaker national governments?

• More generally, does this crisis deal a blow to the continued spread of democracy?

• Where now for the system once assumed victorious?

Submitted articles should be between 4,000 and 5,000 words in length and should employ the Chicago Manual of Style in matters of grammar, formatting, etc.

Interested IWP students should download the full call for papers for important details:

Download file Bologna Center Journal call for papers 

Questions should be addressed to the journal’s editor, Ben Welch.  Of interest is the fact that Mr. Welch has been a student of The Institute of World Politics.