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Religious freedom resolution presented at IWP

Representatives from Kosovo and Metohija signed a joint resolution calling for freedom of religion in their Balkan lands in a June 7 ceremony at the Institute of World Politics.

Hosted by Ambassador Thomas Melady, IWP Senior Diplomat in Residence and a former US envoy to the Holy See, the ceremony included diplomats, political leaders, State Department officials and others devoted to advancing and supporting religious freedom and human rights.

Dr. Melady drew from his experiences and history with Pope John Paul II to remind the audience of the late pontiff’s dedication to the notion of total freedom to practice one’s faith of choice. The diplomat indicated that his “one candle” of light among Kosovo’s collective intolerance and fear must be handed off and be spread to all citizens. He called for a “new mosaic” composed of all religious beliefs and faiths living in mutual respect.

The resolution contained the signatures of 37 notable lawmakers, diplomats, philanthropists and policy leaders.

Dr. Melady observed, “The world community is counting on concerned citizens everywhere to uphold and preserve through public gestures and private conversation the priceless and precious freedom of religion without fear.”

The document will remain on display at IWP to receive additional signatures, whereupon it will be delivered to the Department of State and the White House for formal presentations.