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Class of 2006 graduates on eve of accreditation

The Institute of World Politics Class of 2006 graduated triumphantly June 9, as the recipients of three certificates and 12 Master’s degrees anticipated the imminent accreditation of the school.

“Studying here at the Institute of World Politics has only reinforced for me the idea that this subject called statecraft begins and ends with the character of our culture,” valedictorian Jennifer Marshall said.

Former Attorney General Edwin Meese (pictured with his IWP honorary degree) and current US Ambassador to Estonia Aldona Wos, both featured speakers, received Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa degrees.

Addressing the graduates, Meese commended IWP for its “program, purpose and quality,” saying that the Institute makes “a significant contribution to national security while it stands as a model of graduate study for this country.”

“The success of our foreign policy is very much influenced by the strength of our civil society and the nature of American education. America is a nation based on ideas, and those ideas must be cherished and passed on,” said valedictorian Marshall, who is Director of Domestic Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.

“To practice statecraft is to be a witness to those ideas, called to testify about what this great nation is and what we as Americans believe.”