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Iranian political advocate discusses “Iranium”

On Friday, April 1, IWP hosted a screening of the film Iranium, followed by comments by Amir Abbas Fakhravar, Research Fellow at IWP’s Center for Culture and Security, Secretary General of the Confederation of Iranian Students, and President of the Iranian Freedom Institute. 

Mr. Fakhravar explained that Iran had a successful modern revolution 32 years ago; however, radical mullahs were able to hijack the revolution.  After three decades, he claimed, the Iranian people have realized that they do not need to have religious authorities in power.  He explained that many Iranians are not particularly religious, but “love the United States, and want a secular government in Iran.”

Mr. Fakhravar expressed frustration with the American response to protests in Iran, noting that the President has not done anything to speak out against the Iranian regime or in support of the Iranian people.  He explained that non-military support for the Iranian people – such as media broadcasts and education about democratic transition – would be very useful.  He also explained how the Iranian military (IRGC) could also be combated peacefully by cutting off its money supply, which comes from oil.  

The Q&A session led to discussions of a timeline for defunding the IRGC, the effects of narcotics on youth in the Middle East, and the extent to which the Persian language service at the Voice of America is influenced by Iranian regime.

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