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Invocation, Commencement 2011

By Rev. James Stambaugh

God, our Father, in heaven – It is our privilege to invite you here as the guest of honor to this graduation ceremony. It is our request that you would bless this graduating class and their guests, as well as the faculty and staff of IWP.   But more than that – and of first importance – we desire that YOU would be here with us this afternoon.

Among other things, O God, you are the Creator of the human mind, which you modeled in the likeness after your own great mind. Though we acknowledge that your thoughts are infinitely higher and more profound than ours, we glory in the notion that we may, on our own level, think some of your thoughts after you in this place. We thank you for the precious gifts of knowledge and discovery.

I ask on behalf of those gathered here that you would indeed bless each of these graduates. Give them the grace to make a difference for the good wherever they may find themselves in the years ahead.

For those who will pursue further education, grant not only the knowledge they will need in their chosen fields, but also the wisdom to apply that knowledge to life as it really is.

For those who will be going directly into the public or private sector, give them a sense of what is right, good, and appropriate in the often-confusing issues they will face.

For those who are, or will be in military service, may they draw courage and strength from you.  May they serve our country and all of humanity with integrity and honor, and serve as role models of what it means to serve others.

For all of these graduates and the families of which they are a part, we ask that they may make a significant contribution to the general welfare of society. May they especially be a blessing to those whose lives they will touch.

And now, may you be pleased with what is done and said here this afternoon. Thank you for your presence with us.

It is in the name that is above every other name that I pray, Amen.