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IWP celebrates Constitution Day with annual lecture

On September 16, 2013, The Institute of World Politics welcomed General Jack Nicholson for the annual Constitution Day Lecture. General Nicholson chose the topic of Patriotism for his discussion around Constitution Day.

General Nicholson began his discussion by showing a short film about, “The ultimate patriot: a person who has given his or her life to uphold our Constitution.” This film highlighted worldwide cemeteries and monuments that honor our fallen United States Servicemen.

The General spoke of his friend and fellow serviceman Humbert ‘Rocky’ R. Versace. Rocky was wounded and taken prisoner in Vietnam for two years before his eventual execution by Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War. During his captivation, Rocky held his oath to the Constitution and promoted American pride and dignity in the harshest of situations. General Nicholson spoke of Rocky with the upmost respect and used him as an example to stress the meaning of true patriotism and pride in the United States of America.

The discussion continued to the topic of the United States Constitution today. General Nicholson suggested that each of the guests read its text again to analyze if we are truly upholding the ideals and dreams of our forefathers. He closed with a challenge: to live every day by the U.S. Constitution and to arrest any movement that we may see against it.

General Nicholson retired from the Unite States Army as a Brigadier General after 30 years of service and active duty in Germany, Lebanon, Vietnam, Korea, Switzerland and the U.S. He is a graduate of West Point and has been a faculty member for the Army Staff, the Joint Staff, the START talks, and West point, and was the Commanding General of the Army Training Support Center. He and his wife, Sophie, have 5 children and 13 grandchildren.

Haley Ashcom
Intern, Fall 2013