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Prof. John Quattrocki discusses counterintelligence policy

Prof. John Quattrocki, Vice President of CACI’s National Solutions Group, delivered the Fourth Annual Reagan Intelligence Lecture at The Institute of World Politics on May 15.  

His lecture, entitled “20 Years since Ames: Counterintelligence Policy in the 21st Century,” covered the current state and future direction of counterintelligence policy in the United States.  The lecture was attended by IWP students, alumni, families, and others in the IWP community.  

The first two Regan Intelligence Lectures were delivered by Prof. Kenneth deGraffenreid, who was one of the main architects of IWP’s Master of Arts in Strategic Intelligence Studies.  Prof. Raymond Batvinis, former Supervisory Special Agent at the FBI, delivered the Third Annual Reagan Intelligence Lecture on the topic of “Ronald Reagan: Counterintelligence and the Evil Empire.”

Fourth Annual Reagan Intelligence Lecture