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Dennis Staszak discusses foreign counterintelligence investigations at IWP

Dennis Staszak 444x718On July 15, FBI veteran and IWP alumnus Dennis D. Staszak described how to conduct a foreign counterintelligence investigation in a guest lecture at The Institute of World Politics.

In his remarks, Professor Staszak explained that foreign counterintelligence investigations are often extensive processes which must comply with investigative manuals, policies, procedures, and protocols.  Most importantly, they demand interagency coordination and communication.

Prof. Staszak then discussed four main goals and objectives of counterintelligence: to identify, penetrate, neutralize, and then exploit success. Identification involves determining what or who is the target. Penetration means acquiring an agent or a network of agents in the target’s organization. Neutralization can take place in several ways, including limiting the targets movements, making an arrest, or asking him/her to leave the country. The final step is exploitation: using the information collected and conducting an analysis.

Dennis Staszak specializes in foreign counterintelligence investigations, and has served as the Deputy Unit Chief of the FBI’s Foreign Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Training Unit.  His FBI career has spanned over 30 years. An alumnus of IWP’s continuing education program, he currently teaches Intelligence Analysis and Counterintelligence Concepts at George Mason University and serves as Assistant Dean and Professor of National Security and Administration of Justice studies at the Northern Virginia Community College.  

Ariana Bostick