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Panel discusses U.S. Rules of Engagement at IWP

On September 5, 2014, attorney Kenneth A. Cohen gave a lecture discussing the U.S. Rules of Engagement. He argued that our current Rules of Engagement are resulting in a higher mortality rate of soldiers.

During the second half of the lecture, guest speaker Billy Vaughn discussed his book Betrayed, in which he describes the death of his son Aaron, U.S. Special Operations Chief (SEAL), along with the other soldiers who were on the same mission. Mr. Vaughn discussed the ways in which the Rules of Engagement prevented these officers from conducting their mission without any obstacles, which eventually resulted in their death.

Several other guest speakers also participated in the event, including Jeffrey Addicott, Director of the Center for Terrorism Law at Saint Mary’s University and Ryan Zinke, Navy Veteran and Former Commander at SEAL Team VI.

Please click here to view this lecture on C-SPAN.

-Zoila Terrones