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David Hunt discusses intelligence operations at IWP

David HuntOn March 12, retired CIA Senior Intelligence Officer David P. Hunt gave a lecture on his experiences in intelligence operations. The lecture, entitled “Intelligence in Flux: From the Cold War to the Present,” was sponsored by Student Government Association.

He shared that he first aspired to be a CIA officer because of his father, who used to be in Navy and later joined the CIA in 1947.  He started studying French, and became interested in intelligence operations, which finally led him to work for CIA for more than 30 years.

Mr. Hunt then offered anecdotes about cases he had gone through during his tours in Italy, Vietnam, Somalia, Norway, France, and in New York City.  He also shared some of his personal experiences regarding how to acquire confidential information.  His experiences encompassed a knowledge of Soviet operations, African affairs, and counterintelligence. He advocated the importance studying human intelligence.

Mr. Hunt holds the Donovan Award for Excellence, as well as the Distinguished Intelligence Medal, CIA’s highest award.