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Col. Preston McLaughlin discusses the Sino-American Cooperative Organization

Col. Preston McLaughlin, USMC (Ret.) gave a lecture on “The Sino-American Cooperative Organization/Naval Group China, 1942-1945: A Case Study In Special Operations” at The Institute of World Politics on March 31, 2015.

About the talk

In this video, Col. Preston McLaughlin presents a study of an Office of Naval Intelligence organization that conducted combined operations with the Nationalist Chinese Government in WWII. It is unique, as the relationship was codified by formal treaty. It is a classic case of a low investment-high payoff strategy in an Economy of Force Theater. This study offers insights into modern special operations forces and their relationships with intelligence, as well as allied Grand Strategy and the origins of the Cold War.

About the speaker

Col. McLaughlin spent several years in the Asia-Pacific region during a 27-year military career. These assignments included: Amphibious Section Head, G-3 Operations, III Marine Expeditionary Force, Okinawa Japan; Commanding Officer, Combat Assault Battalion, 3d Marine Division, Okinawa, Japan; and Command Operations Officer, G-3 Marine Forces Pacific, Camp Smith, Hawaii; Combined Marine Forces Command, and Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Security Force Regiment. His final assignment was as the Chief of Staff, for Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan.

Following his retirement from the Marines in 2010, he was on the staff and Adjunct Faculty of The Citadel, as a Program Manager for the Krause Center for Leadership & Ethics and as Director of Professional Development. He currently works for System High Corporation of Chantilly VA. His education includes: a BA in Political Science from The Citadel; he is a Distinguished Graduate, with a Master’s in Military Studies from the USMC Command and Staff College; and a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the US Army War College; and an M.A. in American History from George Mason University. He is a Joint Specialty Officer and graduate of the Joint Forces Staff College. He is also a recipient of the Dr. Elihu Rose Award for professional military education teaching excellence from Marine Corps University.

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