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Libby Liu, President of Radio Free Asia, speaks about the mission of the RFA

Libby Liu, Radio Free Asia President, spoke about Radio Free Asia’s mission as the first in a series of lectures on Women Executives on National Security at The Institute of World Politics.

Radio Free Asia is a private, nonprofit radio broadcasting company that broadcasts reports and information to nine Asian countries, including China, Myanmar, and North Korea. Although there has been a Radio Free Asia since 1951, today’s RFA has been around since 1996 and relates only in name to the RFA of before.

Ms. Liu talked about RFA’s mission, its goals, and its challenges. Her stated goal is that someone in a country where RFA broadcasts would say: “I don’t believe it until I hear it on Radio Free Asia.” Some challenges that Ms. Liu discussed were the pushback that RFA receives from some countries to which they broadcast, like China and North Korea, which have been known to jam radio signals and have written editorials slandering the organization.  She also noted that there is often a lack of necessary radios available for the audience.

This lecture took place on January 19, 2016.

Click here to open Libby Liu’s PowerPoint presentation.