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Dr. Ted Bromund argues for a new American approach to Europe

In a recent lecture moderated by Dr. Douglas Streusand, entitled “The Case for a New Approach to Europe,” Dr. Ted Bromund, Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, spoke on the history of American commitment to Europe in the twentieth century and proposed how the American relationship to Europe should change in the coming decades.   

This event, co-sponsored by the FPI Center for Military and Diplomatic History, allowed Dr. Bromund to discuss many of the ongoing issues placing pressure on Europe including:  Turkey’s movement toward totalitarianism, Russia’s movement into previous Soviet Satellite states, a total breakdown in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the Syrian refugee crisis.  According to Dr. Bromund, the United States cannot “take a backseat” to Europe solving its own conflicts unless Europe is willing.

When discussing the future, Dr. Bromund cited the lack of steady economic growth and true nineteenth century, liberal nationalism; the collapse of mainstream European political parties; and questions of immigration and the refugee crisis, as reasons for the steady decline of the European Union and the rise of new political movements in Europe.

Watch the full video here.

Listen to the podcast here.