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Dr. Jack Dziak discusses the life of Soviet political warfare specialist, Natalie Grant

On March 24, 2021, The Institute of World Politics hosted Dr. Jack Dziak for a webinar presentation titled “Crafting of Natalie Grant’s Book, Disinformation: Soviet Political Warfare.” The presentation was given in memory of Herb Romerstein. Mr. Romerstein was a professor at IWP for many years, where he taught courses involving foreign propaganda, perceptions, and policy.

Dr. Jack Dziak is an Adjunct Professor at The Institute of World Politics. In addition to IWP, he has previously taught at the National War College, National Intelligence University, Georgetown University, and The George Washington University. With over five decades of experience as a company president and senior intelligence officer, Dr. Dziak is an expert on counterintelligence, hostile deception, counter deception, strategic intelligence, weapons proliferation intelligence, and intelligence education. Dr. Dziak was also fortunate enough to know Ms. Natalie Grant on a personal level before her passing.

He combined his extensive knowledge of intelligence with his connection to Ms. Natalie Grant, giving an insightful lecture about her life and her recently published book, Disinformation: Soviet Political Warfare.

In his introductory remarks, Dr. Dziak acknowledges that his presentation would not be a book review of Disinformation: Soviet Political Warfare. Rather, his presentation would focus on Ms. Natalie Grant’s life and how she came to write about Soviet political warfare. Although Dr. Dziak did not discuss the book’s contents, he strongly recommends reading the book because its material is still applicable today.

He began the lecture by respectfully paying homage to the lives of both Professor Herb Romerstein and Ms. Natalie Grant. After briefly reflecting on their lives, Dr. Dziak examined Ms. Grant’s early life in Russia. He then discussed her relationship with her husband, Mr. Richard Wraga, and the role they eventually came to play at the Hoover Institution. Lastly, Dr. Dziak examined Ms. Grant’s role as a mentor to intelligence officers. He concluded his presentation with a brief summation of her life before taking questions from attendees.

Ms. Natalie Grant’s book, Disinformation: Soviet Political Warfare, was posthumously published in December of 2020 by Leopolis Press.

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