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IWP holds conference on “Winning Without War in 2024”

Prof. Glenn Corn speaking at Winning Without War 2024 Conference
Prof. Glenn Corn speaking about Russia and Ukraine

On March 21, IWP held a symposium in Silicon Valley about America’s greatest national security challenges. The conference, entitled “The Challenge: Winning Without War in 2024” explored how to counter the threats from America’s adversaries, as well as how to deal with a politicized domestic environment.

After an introduction by IWP Chairman John Lovewell, Dr. James Robbins, Academic Dean at IWP, gave the luncheon keynote on “The Crisis in American Education and what it means for National Security.”

The next talk was by Prof. Glenn Corn, a former CIA Senior Officer, who spoke about “Russian Aggression and the Outlook for Ukraine.” Lisa Daftari, Editor of The Foreign Desk and Iran Expert, discussed “Can Iran and its Proxies be Deterred?” Dr. Amanda Won, Director of IWP’s China/Asia Program, gave a talk on “China, Taiwan, North Korea, and the Emerging Challenge.”

After a reception, IWP President Amb. Aldona Wos gave the dinner keynote address on “The Present Danger and Our Best Hope.

Amb. Aldona Wos giving the keynote address at dinner
Amb. Aldona Wos giving the keynote address at dinner