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IWP president speaks at Pentagon

“There has been a catastrophic loss of ideological warriors” throughout the US government.  That’s what Dr. John Lenczowski, founder and president of The Institute of World Politics, reported to a group of fifty senior U.S. Army officers and civilians at the Pentagon on December 5, 2007.   

Dr. Lenczowski was discussing the problems of creating an integrated strategy in present circumstances at a professional development session hosted by Major General David A. Fastabend, Director of Strategy, Plans and Policy, Deputy Chief of Staff, United States Army. In his remarks, Dr. Lenczowski commended the Army for its valiant efforts to create integrated approaches to problems on the ground by ensuring that its soldiers act as instruments of good will.   

However, he emphasized the need for revitalizing the public diplomacy capabilities of the United States, and called for additional emphasis on professional education to develop officers and leaders who understand the elements of power and their integration into national strategy.  The implications of this dearth are underscored, he said, by the fact that the United States is engaged in a war of ideas.  

The Institute of World Politics is the only graduate school offering courses that directly address this deficiency.