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Foreign Affairs reviews Tierney’s “Chasing Ghosts”

Foreign Affairs published a review of Dr. John Tierney's remarkable book Chasing Ghosts: Unconventional Warfare in American History in its May/June 2008 issue.  The British scholar Sir Lawrence Freedman (himself a distinguished writer on contemporary conflict) writes that, "In his excellent book, Tierney demonstrates that when Americans have been disadvantaged in conventional war… they have adopted effective guerilla tactics.  The problems have come when their enemies have used such tactics themselves…. The record he lays out illustrates the problems…."

To read the entirety of Dr. Freedman's review, please click here.

Chasing Ghosts has already won high praise from the Marine Corps Gazette and other reviewers.  It is in use at the US Army War College and other professional institutions, and Dr. Tierney has been busy addressing distinguished professional military history gatherings regarding his research into America's experience of unconventional war.  Chasing Ghosts is now available in paperback, as well as in hardcover.