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IWP class travels to Gettysburg

Students of Prof. Charles Smith's "American Founding Principles and Foreign Policy" course visited Gettysburg National Military Park on Saturday, April 25. The field trip, one of the course requirements and a highlight of the semester, included a visit to the new Visitors Center and a tour of the battlefield led by Prof. Smith. Some of the major sites along the tour included Seminary Ridge, Little Round Top, Cemetery Ridge, the Peach Orchard, and Culp's Hill. The day concluded at the National Cemetery, with Prof. Smith reciting Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

This field trip is offered annually and is open to all IWP students and alumni.

The new Gettysburg Visitors CenterProf. Smith recites the Gettysburg Address in the National Cemetery

In remembrance of the fallenSpring bloom in Gettysburg

Cannon near Gen. Pickett's lineProf. Smith discusses the battle at the Peach Orchard

Gen. Gouverneur Warren observes from Little Round Top