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Celebration on September 24 for “Origins of FBI Counterintelligence”

The Institute of World Politics will celebrate the publishing of its adjunct professor’s landmark history of FBI counterintelligence from 5 to 6:30 PM on Wednesday, September 24. The book’s author, Dr. Raymond Batvinis, will be present to offer remarks and sign copies.  

Dr. Batvinis, a retired Supervisory Special Agent who served the Federal Bureau of Investigation for twenty-five years, has written a seminal book exploring how the FBI began its counterintelligence programs. The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence (2007: University Press of Kansas) has gained high praise for its original contributions to scholarship and for its author’s attention to detail. Richard Gid Powers, a biographer of legendary FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, has called The Origins of FBI Counterintelligence “a richly detailed account of the FBI's response to the world crisis of the 1930s and 1940s that overturns much accepted 'wisdom' about FBI intelligence failures and turf battles. Batvinis stays close to his sources while telling an engrossing story that should become the new standard account of FBI counterintelligence.”  

Dr. Batvinis is a well-recognized counterintelligence scholar-practitioner who consults widely within the Intelligence Community in addition to his teaching at The Institute of World Politics, where appropriately his course is entitled “History of FBI Counterintelligence.”  

Persons interested in attending the celebration of Dr. Batvinis’s remarkable book should RSVP to Ms. Mallorie Lewis. Copies of the book will be available for sale ($30; no credit cards will be accepted).