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IWP alumnus comments in “The American Spectator”

IWP alumnus Joseph P. Duggan (MA in Statecraft and World Politics, 2007) has commented on the harsh realities of the US foreign policy community in the nationally-circulated journal The American Spectator. Mr. Duggan presents a candid assessment that suggests the approach offered by the late Senator Jesse Helms is still needed.  "What Would Jesse Do?" appears in the February, 2009 issue.

In considering the potential for future reforms, Mr Duggan notes: "The best the establishment is offering is far from sufficient. The bipartisan 'Project for National Security Reform' led by a wise old hand, David Abshire, has recommended what it believes to be, and to some extent probably are, needed organizational changes to update the structure created by the National Security Act of 1947. The establishment at its worst offers another proposal led by a trio of former administrators of the U.S. Agency for International Development, seeking to swell the coffers and "elevate" this anachronistic spending machine into a Cabinet department."