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Col. Mike Meese, senior Odierno aide, speaks at IWP

 On Wednesday, February 11th, Col. John Thomson USA, the Institute’s Senior Army Fellow, made special arrangements for Col. Mike Meese to speak on current US military strategy in Iraq.

Col. Meese (pictured at right between Col. Thomson and Dr. John Lenczowski, the Institute’s Founder and President) is a professor at the United States Military Academy where he also serves as Head of the Department of Social Sciences.  He is currently on deployment to Baghdad as the Chief of the Multi-National Forces-Iraq Commanding General’s Initiatives Group.  Col. Meese recently succeeded IWP’s Col. Thomson in this position.  Col. Meese, who worked closely with both Gen. Petraeus and Gen. Odierno in devising and implementing the current US ‘surge’ strategy, spoke at length about his experience applying the strategy to the region.  Col. Meese’s presentation demonstrated a clear and noticeable decline in US and Coalition casualties and insurgent violence as the ‘surge’ was executed throughout 2007 lasting through to the present.

Col. Meese additionally spoke about current and future roles for US and coalition troops in Iraq, specifically the need for Coalition training of indigenous Iraqi security forces.  He also discussed the recent, successful Iraqi elections and their likely effect on the region, including the strengthening of the current administration of Prime Minister Maliki.