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IWP alum Duggan writes on the future of print journalism at

Joseph P. Duggan (IWP '07) is a frequent contributor of opinion pieces to The American Spectator."At the end of the 18th century, Edmund Burke, recalling the demise of France’s old regime and its 'three estates,' is said to have coined the term 'Fourth Estate' for the rising, independent power of the press. Today this Fourth Estate is being liquidated, not by Jacobins but by geeks."

That's what IWP alumnus Joseph Duggan writes on the troubles of the newspaper industry in a recent piece on  Mr. Duggan, a veteran print journalist, holds an MA from The Institute of World Politics in Statecraft and National Security Affairs.  A frequent contributor of opinion pieces to numerous publications, Mr. Duggan also serves as principal of the firm of Colsultores Duggan y Landa.  Formerly, he was an official of the US Agency for International Development and a presidential speechwriter.